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The Bus Pirate Demoboard is designed to demonstrate Bus Pirate's capabilities by emulating different devices over various protocols.

Read about the design.

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Project Summary
Name: Bus Pirate Demoboard
Buy it: [ Get one for $XX at Seeed Studio]
Price: $XX
Status: Test production
Manufacturing: Shipping
Forum: [ Bus Pirate Demoboard Forum]

We feel that learning by experimentation is the best way to figure stuff out. This demoboard provides safe experimentation for new Bus Pirate users.

There are 4 basic chip types that can be emulated:

  • Analog-to-Digital converter reads the AIN pin at 3 different gains. Using the same ADC module it is also possible to read the ambient temperature.
  • 5bit Digital-to-Analog converter can output 32 different levels that could be programed, and read by the Bus Pirate.
  • 256byte EEPROM is emulated.
  • PWM generator with programmable frequency and duty cycle, whose output can be read by the Bus Pirate frequency measurement probe.

All of these modules are programmable over 4 different protocol:

  • I2C
  • SPI
  • UART

Many real world devices are implemented as per datasheet, so full comparability is assured.


Emulated Devices

Emulated Protocols

  • I2C
  • SPI
  • UART


Demoboard Examples

Here is a list of possible ways the Demoboard can be used.

  • add all examples here and link them to their respective part of the list page


Development resources


  • [datasheet]


  • Hardware: CC-BY-SA
  • Software: CC-BY-SA
  • Firmware: CC-BY-SA
  • Bootloader: GPL