Bus Blaster custom USB VID and PID

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We applied for and received some FTDI PIDs for the Bus Blaster. You can use these as dedicated PIDs if you need something other than the default. Suggested use shown in table.

Unique USB VID and PID

Bus Blaster unique USB VIDs
Serial channel VID/PID
A 0x0403 0x8878
B 0x0403 0x8879

Query - VID/PID are allocated at the device level. FT2232H has 2 channels but both will register under a single VID/PID combo. Table above is misleading and should be corrected.

Other PIDs are reserved for future projects. We will not release custom .infs for the time being, but the libftdi install package will create a custom .inf you can use.

The range 0x0403 0x8878-0x887F is reserved for our use.


To reprogram the EEPROM:

Create customized .inf files:



#NOTE 1: Editing the driver for your new identity will invalidate any current driver certification.
#NOTE 2: It will be necessary for you to maintain your own edited driver release for distribution to your customers.
#NOTE 3: Please send us a copy of your INF files when you have completed your changes to them.  We will review them for you.