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Business Card version 2

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Brian posted an article describing how he designed and built his business card: A business card should represent a person’s expertise. My expertise is in creating unique circuit boards, so to celebrate this I wanted to create a USB thumb drive circuit that … Read more

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Video: Multiplexed Wired Attack Surfaces

In this presentation from the recent Toorcon 15 in San Diego, CA, Michael Ossmann and Kyle Osborn detail their efforts in hacking cellphones via multiplexed USB signals. Manufacturers of mobile devices often multiplex several wired interfaces onto a single connector. … Read more

Blackhat Euro: cheap open source USB drive write blocker

At last year’s Blackhat Europe con, Philip A. Polstra, Sr. from the University of Dubuque gave a presentation detailing how to protect your USB security drive toolkit from auto erasure by the target machine. He describes the design of an … Read more

Miniscope v2d: STM32 oscilloscope and arbitrary waveform generator

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Tomeko has posted an article describing miniscope v2d integrated arbitrary waveform generator: Cheap low-speed dual channel PC/USB oscilloscope and arbitrary waveform generator with STM32F3 microcontroller. Miniscope v2d is based on STM32F303CBT6 microcontroller – LQFP48 device from STM32F3 family featuring: 32 kB … Read more