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Beer Pong robot

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Here’s a cool VERSABALL Beer Pong robot by Empire Robotics: The core principle behind VERSABALL is the jamming phase transition of granular materials. The green ball is filled with a sand like material. When air is pumped into the ball, the … Read more

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OpenSprinkler Firmware 2.1.0 released

Ray Wang from RaysHobby announces the release of OpenSprinkler Firmware 2.1.0. OpenSprinkler is an open-source, Arduino-based, web-connected sprinkler controller. This new firmware is a major upgrade that introduces a number of new features, including automatic weather-based watering adjustment (using real-time … Read more

Mini line tracer

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Pinomelean wrote this instructable detailing the build of his analog line tracer robot driven by a dual op-amp chip: It’s a simple line tracer, controlled by two op-amps. No microcontroller, no programming… simple analog circuitry. I tried to make it as … Read more