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Mini line tracer

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Pinomelean wrote this instructable detailing the build of his analog line tracer robot driven by a dual op-amp chip: It’s a simple line tracer, controlled by two op-amps. No microcontroller, no programming… simple analog circuitry. I tried to make it as … Read more

Build a robotic air-hockey opponent out of RepRap parts

Jose Julio likes to tinker with robotics; his daughter likes air hockey. From these mutual interests, an Arduino and a handful of surplus parts from a RepRap 3D printer, Jose devised an air hockey game with a robotic opponent. “The … Read more

Last call for entries to Hack the Arduino Robot competition

Today (January 26) is the closing date for initial idea submissions for the Hack The Arduino Robot contest sponsored by RobotChallenge. This year RobotChallenge in cooperation with Arduino and RS Components presents a new open source competition – “Hack the … Read more