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Academic paper: hacking with RF replay attacks

If you’re new to RF hacking you may have heard the term “replay attack” and wondered what it takes to implement one. In this academic presentation Practicing a Record-and-Replay System on USRP a group of researchers from the Shenzhen Key … Read more

How to: compiling Arduino Caterina with new VID/PID

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Compiling the Arduino Leonardo bootloader (aka Caterina) is a required step in making your own Arduino Leonardo-compatible board available to others. Steven Casagrande has written this post detailing what you need to do in order to make your derivative board … Read more

Build a robotic air-hockey opponent out of RepRap parts

Jose Julio likes to tinker with robotics; his daughter likes air hockey. From these mutual interests, an Arduino and a handful of surplus parts from a RepRap 3D printer, Jose devised an air hockey game with a robotic opponent. “The … Read more

Video: Deploying software updates to ArduSat in orbit

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Jonathan Oxer VK3FADO gave this presentation at the recent 2014 Linux conference in Perth, Western Australia. The ArduSat project aims to give hobbyists, students and space enthusiasts an opportunity to design and run their own experiments in space. “By choosing … Read more