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Beach Buddy, a 3-in-1 solar phone charger, boombox, and sunburn timer calculator

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An all-in-one, water and sand resistant, solar charger, audio speaker system, and sunburn timer calculator by starwisher.  Check out the project’s instructables page here: This Instructable harnesses the power of Arduino, a UV sensor, and simple mathematics to make one nifty … Read more

Mini line tracer

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Pinomelean wrote this instructable detailing the build of his analog line tracer robot driven by a dual op-amp chip: It’s a simple line tracer, controlled by two op-amps. No microcontroller, no programming… simple analog circuitry. I tried to make it as … Read more

Curious C-beeper

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Electronics DIY published a new build,  the Curious C-beeper: Curious C-Beeper is a fun to build little probe that can be used to quickly detect the capacity of capacitors in pF nF range, test their stability with temperature changes, find broken … Read more

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