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Vocoder encoder relay board

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Jaanus published a new build, a vocoder encoder relay board: I designed couple of vocoder encoders. Vocoders are devices that encode sound by chopping it up by frequency bands and express each frequency band only by its amplitude. This kind of representation allows … Read more

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Oakkar7  has been working on his DIY CNC machine: When Arduino meets PIC, csCNC was born. Before milling, I tested some jobs, text, drawing and also a sketch. See the video of csCNC drawing a sketch. This is my DIY CNC … Read more

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Cool room lights

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Dmitry Grinberg writes, “Lighting a room is always a complicated task. This is especially true if you’re an engineer. You see, we all love blinking lights, RGB LEDs, really any combination of those things. When it came time to figure … Read more

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