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Video – JTAGulator: Assisted discovery of on-chip debug interfaces

Joe Grand presented on the JTAGulator at this weekend’s Derbycon conference in Louisville, KY. We previously posted about Joe’s JTAGulator, which is an open source tool which assists in identifying on-chip debugging (OCD) and/or programming connections from test points, vias, … Read more

HITB Amsterdam 2013: Aircraft RF hacking

At the recently concluded HackInTheBox 2013 (HITB) conference German security consultant Hugo Teso has once again drawn into question the security of aero comms. In a presentation at the Amsterdam conference, Hugo highlighted the security vulnerabilities of the Automatic Dependent … Read more

OWASP AppSec USA 2013 call for speakers

AppSec USA has announced a call for papers and trainers for their upcoming conference in NYC in November, 2013. AppSec USA is a software security conference for technologists, auditors, risk managers, and entrepreneurs. They invite all practitioners of application security … Read more