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Execute Arduino code in a PIC MCU using MPLAB IDE

Want to run Arduino code in a PIC MCU? “Here’s an approach that enables Arduino code to be configured for execution with the Microchip Technology PIC32MX250F128B small-outline 32-bit microcontroller. It uses the Microchip Technology MPLAB X IDE and MPLAB XC32 … Read more

How to: compiling Arduino Caterina with new VID/PID

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Compiling the Arduino Leonardo bootloader (aka Caterina) is a required step in making your own Arduino Leonardo-compatible board available to others. Steven Casagrande has written this post detailing what you need to do in order to make your derivative board … Read more

embedXcode IDE covers multiple platforms

Rei Vilo has developed embedXcode, a Xcode 4 template for embedded computing boards, that supports Arduino, chipKIT, MSP430 LaunchPad, LeafLabs Maple and Wiring boards/platforms. “It relies on a set of modular makefiles, so adding support for a new board/platform is … Read more

Parallax releases beta GNU C/C++ compiler for Propeller chip

Parallax has announced the beta release of their Propeller GCC compiler for the Propeller chip. The compiler is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms along with a collection of utilities and demos. Propeller GCC complements the existing Propeller assembly … Read more

Propeller GCC Beta enables programming in C and C++

Parallax has announced the availability of the Propeller GCC/SimpleIDE programming environment for the Propeller chip. “Now you can program your Propeller based application in C or C++! Parallax is proud to announce that it is moving into the beta phase … Read more

Rhodes: open source HTML5 mobile app developer

Rhodes is a Ruby based open source cross-platform mobile app development tool and is part of the Rhomobile project. It allows you to develop HTML5 mobile applications on your computer with Rhostudio or in the cloud. If you’re new to … Read more