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Last call for entries to Hack the Arduino Robot competition

Today (January 26) is the closing date for initial idea submissions for the Hack The Arduino Robot contest sponsored by RobotChallenge. This year RobotChallenge in cooperation with Arduino and RS Components presents a new open source competition – “Hack the … Read more

Online tool and AT commands for M2M modules

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Surya writes with this reference to a guide for a tool an Online AT Command Tester for use with an attached wireless/cellular module. This topic refers to Machine to Machine (M2M) device communications which take AT commands over serial connections. … Read more

Open guitar pedal

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The pedalSHIELD Arduino guitar pedal by Electrosmash: The shield has three parts: The Input Stage or Preamp: Amplifies the guitar input signal and sends it to the Arduino microcontroller to be processed. Arduino Board: It does all the Digital Signal Processing … Read more

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Modified Arduino DS1307RTC library that also works for MCP7940N

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Ray writes, “When your project needs a real-time clock (RTC), don’t you hate that the popular DS1307 costs several dollars? I recently came across Microchip’s MCP7940N, which is an inexpensive alternative to DS1307. On the hardware side it is pretty … Read more