7400 Competition entry and judging criteria

The Open 7400 Logic Competition brings awareness to open hardware and software, and fosters understanding of the building blocks of modern integrated circuits. What can you build with logic chips?

Build a kooky, intriguing, or over-complicated project that makes use of a discrete logic chip and you could score some of the sponsor swag listed here. Get inspired by last year’s entries.


Entries can be posted on in our forum, on your personal blog, or even a handy how-to site like Instructables. When you’re ready, please submit a link to your project via the contact form or the entry form below.

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Judging criteria and categories

Entries will be judged for:

  • Hilarity
  • Originality. A smart new design that inspires
  • Documentation. Schematics, theory, pictures and/or video
  • (Mis)use of 7400 logic. Show us what 7400 logic was (never) meant to do
  • Technical prowess
  • Build quality
  • Imagination and creativity


  1. Any electronic circuit can be entered, but judges will favor designs where discrete logic chips are a major component. All discrete logic families are acceptable, including 7400, 4000, etc.
  2. Original entries will score you the most points. Please don’t copy existing designs from the internet or entries from last year.
  3. Submit as many projects as you want, but please submit each separately.
  4. Good documentation is a must. Use a video, pictures, schematics, etc to document the project and show it in action.
  5. Project files must be released under an open source license. Closed source software or hardware is allowed, but the design of the logic portion should be fully disclosed and redistributable.
  6. We want to show off your project, and other websites will too. You agree to allow any part of your submission to be republished here and at other media outlets.
  7. All rules, categories and decisions are subject to change at any time. We’ll do our best to let you know about any changes and why they were made.
  8. Entries must be received by October 31, 2012, 6AM GMT. Winners will be announced on this webpage by November 10, 2012. See the list of winners from last year.

Legal stuff

We want everyone to have fun, and nobody to get sued. Welcome to the legal section.

  • Void where prohibited. The competition is open to world wide participants, unless your local laws say otherwise. We aren’t lawyers, so you need to determine any restrictions on your own, before entering. If you win a prize and can’t collect it, you will need to work it out on your own.
  • Pay your own taxes. If you win a prize and taxes or import duties are due, you will need to work it out on your own.
  • Cash prize paid by PayPal or money order, super void where prohibited. If the winner is unable to receive it, or there’s a legal problem with a cash prize, we’ll donate the money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • No purchase necessary for entry. This isn’t a lottery.
  • Permission to use your entry. We need to post your entry on the blog. By entering the contest the entrant(s) consent to have all submitted material related to the contest used without notification. Likely uses are promoting the contest and open hardware, and advertising for competition sponsors.
  • Judging. Our judges’ decision is final.
  • Legal paranoia. Entries that violate local, Federal, or international law may be disqualified.
  • Rules may change. If the rules do change we will publish the changes as quickly as possible.

Illustrations by Svenw1980

Rules and legal inspiration taken from the awesome 555 Contest.