Scott’s Z80SBC: Z80 single board computer


Dr. Scott M. Baker published a new build:

When I was first getting started with electronics, wanted a Heathkit ET-3400 Microproccessor trainer, but could never afford one at the time. Eventually both I and the world moved on, to fancier more capable computers. However, I’ve still always wished I had an iconic trainer, complete with LED displays and a hexadecimal keypad. So I decided to build something of my own.

Project info at and the GitHub repository here.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. Wow – I worked as a programmer in 1985 writing assembler code for Z80 processors for real-time railway signalling systems – the application was so big we ended off using multiple processors working together and communicating down a standard bus using a message based operating system.
    Testing was really complex.
    A few of these would have been useful.

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