Why electrolytic capacitors are actually kinda shitty


Afroman writes, “Electrolytic capacitors are common, but knowledge of their limitations is uncommon. A demonstration is shown highlighting the difference in performance between electrolytic and ceramic capacitors in power supplies. Other topics discussed in the video: Electrolytic capacitor construction, ceramic capacitors, ESR, ESL, impedance curves, why “0.1uF”, and more.”

Via Afrotechmods.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. Useful for some types of beginners, but I didn’t like the “kinda shitty” title, it’s kind of a shallow dig that betrays shallow thinking on the part of the digger. You can’t use multilayer ceramics everywhere dude. The vid is focused on some low-power low-voltage applications.

    I found information on caps just fine, plenty of app notes to read on this. Most switching IC data sheets from good manufacturers are well-written. So some people are really terrible at finding and assimilating knowledge; they really should do better.

  2. “Why electrolytic capacitors are actually kinda shitty”

    That title does NOT apply if you use good quality Electrolytic capacitors PROPERLY in your design.

    That title DOES apply if you use crappy capacitors from China while thinking the parts are good (often they are NOT). This happens all the time with the likes of “Makers”.

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