WA2EBY IRF510 amplifier


Flathagen has published a new build:

The WA2EBY amplifier is a famous linear amplifier project published in QST in March and April 1999 by Mike Kossor WA2EBY. As this amplifier can give up to 50W out with 1W drive, it is a perfect pair for my Softrock RXTX amplifier.
The articles can be found on the ARRL-site (search for WA2EBY) and are highly recommended reading.
I have had a suitable box laying around for quite some time that was perfect for the amplifier project. I decided to go for Manhattan style construction using mainly the parts I already had in my junk-box and not order the PCBs and toroid set which are available from different sources on Ebay. In other words: a low-cost project.

Full details at DIYcrap blog.


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  1. The two-part article by WA2EBY in the March/April 1999 issues of QST are locked up behind the Great ARRL Paywall. I can find Part-1 elsewhere on the Web, but I can’t find the critical Part-2 article. Does anyone have a work around other than paying ransom to the ARRL?

  2. @LB0MG, Thanks for the attempt to find the Part-2 article. Both links you provided are well known with the second link being broken, at least for me (it simply never downloads). Again, I cannot find a place to download Part-2 without paying the ARRL ransom (I do not support the ARRL). Any suggestions are appreciated.

  3. @Les, Thanks for the link! It worked AOK. I wonder why a both Google and DDG searches didn’t turn it up when I was looking. Hmmm…

  4. LB0MG, Nice adaptation of the HF amplifier. Glad to learn it remained stable with the layout you used. I recall the gain and stability were very sensitive to the IRF510 source lead inductance. Very pleased to learn your amplifier build met your needs and you enjoy using it.

    Mike Kossor, WA2EBY

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