App note: FT800 Example with 8-bit MCU


App note from FTDI on interfacing the FT800 to an 8-bit MCU. Link is here

The FTDI FT800 video controller offers a low cost solution for embedded graphics requirements.  In addition to the graphics, resistive touch inputs and an audio output provide a complete human machine interface to the outside world.

This application note will provide a simple example of developing MCU code to control the FT800 over SPI. The principles demonstrated can then be used to produce more complex applications.

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  1. Why would anybody use such device if you can have fully featured 512K Flash 128K RAM Cortex M4 micro for half the price of the FT800? What is the point to use $1 8-bit micro to drive $6 FT800 if you can have 32bit micro with 512K flash and all the bells and whistles $3.5?! It is insane.

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