Reminder: Last day to register for Hacker Camp Shenzhen is TODAY!


Friendly reminder: today is the last day to register for Hacker Camp Shenzhen. Only a couple tickets remain, we expect this camp to will be full (~25 people). Join our very own Sjaak, Tayken, and others in the hacker capital of the world. See you in Shenzhen in April!

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    1. 1. Do they still exist?
      2. Assuming they don’t, what’s the alternative? Naked?


      Thought you bought those things by the reel.

      1. By the way , and sorry if I missed it in some other post, but was there a video about a new handmade reballing process ? I remember I wanted to see it when you talked about it, but donĀ“t know if if was already posted somewhere …


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