Unbrick FT232 counterfeit chip


j3tstreamĀ writes:

Like many people, i buy, time to time, some chips or shield from Chinese (dx, aliexpress, ebay) vendors, unfortunately my FTDI FT232 breakout was a fake chip, here he is a interesting thread about that.
Jordi Binefa , (thank, you made my day), describe a quickly and easy method to recover a bricked chip, you need have Linux, you can use a live cd/usb instead installed version if you prefer. run terminal, then

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  1. Hi
    I bought a couple of this fake board, what we see above.
    Since I use win 10 and I install an older driver you get via RS232 the message, that is not
    an genuine chip.
    My question.
    What about the FT232 boards they offer by ebay, to they have a FTDI genuine Chip.

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