Laser cut chassis for ATX PSU board


‏@UsableMaterials tweeted,  “Made a quick lasercut chassis to go with my @dangerousproto ATX PSU board.”


Get your own ATX breakout board bench power supply for $14 at Seeed Studio.

You can also get a Sick of Beige case for your ATX breakout board for $4 at Seeed.

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  1. There should be a version of the ATX breakout board where one can mount the connector on the bottom of the PCB. That way it could be hidden in the case. (Actually this mostly works right now by mounting the banana plugs on the other side, but the the LEDs are on the wrong side)

    1. Yes, I was thinking the same thing. You could just run wires to normal 5mm LED’s. For that matter, you could do what I did many years ago and not have any board, just mount your terminals on the box and wire everything. In my case I removed the loom and used DIN rail and matching terminals, because that’s what I had around and it was more convenient for me than Banana binding posts.

      In the case of DP, one reason for the board was that it meant that power supply didn’t have to be modified, but for many people it wouldn’t matter anyway.

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