DEFCON 21 video: Decapping Chips the Easy Hard Way

In this presentation from DEFCON 21, Adam “Major Malfunction” Laurie and Zac Franken of Aperture Labs go hardcore with chip analysis.

For some time it has been possible to discover the inner workings of microprocessors with the help of a microscope and some nasty chemicals such as fuming nitric acid. However, unless you have access to a university or work science lab, this is beyond the reach of most hackers, and, even it were to be attempted, difficult and potentially extremely dangerous.

In this talk we will go through our own adventures in tackling the issue from the point of view of the back-room hacker/researcher, and how we have solved many of the problems using only tools and devices that were freely and cheaply available from online sources such as Ebay.

Further description can be found at Zacsblog on Aperture Labs.

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  1. There is really no need to use chemicals.

    1. Get a hot air gun (paint remover)
    2. Heat package until it stops emitting smoke
    3. Nreak package apart to free die.

    1. Cool part was, they were able to intercept die to die bondwires on same runing chip (using bus pirate)

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