Bus Blaster v3 back in stock

Posted on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 in Bus Blaster, News by DP

BusBlaster v3 Bus Blaster v3 JTAG debugger is back in stock at Seeed Studio.The cool thing about the Bus Blaster is that it uses a programmable logic chip as a buffer. It can imitate different types of programming hardware with a simple USB update. You can get a Bus Blaster v3 for $34.95.

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  1. Ted says:

    I just bought a Bus Blaster V3c from seeedstudio and I’m trying to get it to work under urJTAG. Unless I’m missing something, there appears to be no working drivers for it anywhere on your website. The seedstudio description claims that it ‘ships with JTAGkey compatible buffer image pre-programmed’ but cable jtagkey does not connect and work properly under urJTAG.

    I did find a zip file called in the forum under the topic “Bus Blaster V3 TDO stuck at 1 Continued…” supplied by a guy called Joe Fitzpatrick.

    Unless you can tell me what I’m doing wrong or where the real drivers are?

    • Ian says:

      I’m sorry for the problem, thanks for your report.

      What OS are you using, what version of urJTAG, and which FTDI FT2232 drivers do you have installed?

      A FT2232 driver from FTDI is required for the main chip, which one depends on your OS and version of urJTAG.

      No other specific driver is required. The programmer is a simple FT2232 chip, the CPLD appears as a jtagkey logic frontend by default. I believe all versions of urJTAG have always supported jtagkey, it is the simplest bprogrammer type cloned dozens of times.

      If that doesn’t help, there’s a possibility that the programmer doesn’t work and needs to be replaced.

  2. Ted says:

    My OS is Windows 7-64
    urJTAG is 0.10 #1502
    My FTDI drivers are the FTDI D2XX drivers vn 2.10.00

    I can connect to the Bus Blaster V3c using
    JTAG> cable jtagkey
    JTAG> cable jtagkey pid=0x6010 vid=0x0403 interface=0
    JTAG> cable jtagkey pid=0x6010 vid=0x0403 interface=1

    But ‘detect’ always gives the response ‘warning: TDO appears to be stuck at 0’

    I have the self-powered link in place but I am not plugged into any JTAG target, I tried it with a target last night but it did not work.

  3. Ted says:


    I tried and it’s the same issue when a target is connected. Also, if I selected interface=1, I should be talking to the Xilinx CPLD on the second USB channel shouldn’t I? I was doing that in the hope of reprogramming the bsdl file on teh assumption that it might be wrong.

    I have raised a forum thread for this under the alias ‘Gandalf’. Please respond there?

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