Video: using NRF24L01+ wireless module with Arduino

The NRF24L01+ is a popular wireless communications module from Nordic that interfaces well with MCU applications. In this detailed video tutorial, Kevin Darrah outlines how to use it with the Arduino.

Source code is available from Kevin Darrah’s website.

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  1. Very nice work! the code also works on Energia with the TI Tiva C ARM boards and the MSP430 launchpads. If you do make it into a library it would nice if it remained compatible with Energia.

    I bought a bunch of these module on ebay for a few $$$ and will link them with this code as a basis.

  2. The abstraction of control of IO over RF is cool.
    For the NRF control it is not necessary to toggle CE – it can stay high while just CSN is toggled. PRIM_RX and PRW_UP then control rx/tx and low power mode.
    I wouldn’t use it for battery-powered sensor nodes though, since constantly staying in RX mode sucks a lot of power. Instead I’d put the AVR in power down mode, waking up with the watchdog timer to periodically transmit the sensor data.

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