Cypress PSoC4 chip sale

Cypress Semiconductor, makers of the popular PSOC4 Pioneer kit, are making their PSOC4 chips available for a limited time for $1.00 each, including free worldwide priority shipping. (Note, this price is for the chip alone, NOT the Pioneer Kit.)

PSoC4 is a scalable and reconfigurable platform architecturefor a family of mixed-signal programmable embedded system controllers with an ARM Cortex-M0 CPU. It combines programmable and re-configurable analog and digital blocks with flexible automatic routing. The PSoC 4200 product family, based on this platform, is a combination of a microcontroller with digital programmable logic, high-performance analog-to-digital conversion, opamps with Comparator mode, and standard communication and timing peripherals.”

For ordering details visit Cypress Semi.

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  1. Does anyone know whether and how/where devkits could be bought “anywhere in the world” by private individuals?

    If the chips come direct, it might be more feasible to roll your own, of course.

  2. PSOC4 devkits can be bought from anywhere in the world from the Cypress Store and distributors like Farnell / Digikey / Mouser.

      1. Indeed. The shipping is between $50-100. Big distributors are often the same unless you can go for a bigger batch (except possibly in some countries).

  3. The price is nice, but the “free delivery” is the kicker [yes, I bought a few chips].
    Without it, FedEx International Economy adds $25.

    That’s the price of the CY8CKIT-042, which I just decided not to buy after all…

  4. Hi,

    I just received a 1$ sample of a PSoC 4200 44-QFP chip. The package for delivery they used was ridiculous however:

    The large air-bubbled envelope contained another pink layer of air-bubbles wrapping which contained the silvery shielding bag complete with moisture indicator which contained the pink foam parts which were wrapped around the 160 pieces tray-grid, which contained just one chip. Katastrophal from an environmental stand point :(

    1. Totally. I bought two types of samples (wasn’t sure what chip package I wanted), and got two packages like Markus shows (arriving on different days – and then a third package containing the $4 PSoC 4 CY8CKIT-049 4xxx Prototyping Kit). However, good thing I got two of each chip type reducing the waste from 159/160 of the packing wasted to only 158/160 wasted. :-)

      1. So if they send everyone who buys samples these cages, my new theory is, that they just started this 1$ campaign to get rid of their e-waste stock ;)

  5. Does anybody who bought only these $1 chips and $4 prototyping board have any idea on how to program without a $89 MiniProg3.

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