Vintage multimeter – Weston 6000


Teardown and repair of a Vintage multimeter – Weston 6000 by KuzyaTech:

Another addition to my growing collection of vintage multimeters is this Weston Schlumberger Model 6000 meter from the mid 1970s
The meter was listed as in almost like new condition except for a spot on the front panel. It came with (very rubbery) test leads and an actual printed user manual- a rare thing these days.The Ebay posting was worded very carefully to never mention whether the thing actually works, so I figured it did not really matter. If it does not- teardown turns into repair attempt and either way we learn something new.

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  1. From the article:
    ” Over time the un-vented sensor would measure up to .400 deg C away from the other two.”

    On my screen the “.400” wrapped onto a new line, and the first time I read it as “400 deg C”. Please write “0.400”, “400 mK”, “four tenths”, or “400e-3”,….

    1. Oops somehow had multiple tabs open and posted this on the wrong one… sorry … not sure if I can delete it.

    1. Probably done with tape, you use to get black tape (crepe kinda like painters masking tape) in all the different trace widths and pad size. Layout done by hand on clear plastic (sometimes in 2x size) and photo onto the PCB

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