Numato Mega New Year give away 2014 – Grab your surprise gift


Tom over at Numato writes,  “This year we are calling all electronics enthusiasts to join this event and grab their free gift. Gifts ranging from SMD adapters to FPGA boards. More details at

This is the happiest time of the year for sure. Christmas is around the corner, New Year 2014 is fast approaching. And one more reason to be happy, this is the time Numato hosts the largest give away of the year. That is right! We hosted our first Christmas/New Year give away during December 2012/ January 2013 time and we saw overwhelming response from our readers. We gave away random gifts to every single person participated in the event, all 212 of them. We hope that everyone who received the gifts put it to good use and learned something from it.

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    1. We know Numato, and have met Tom at a few Maker Faires. Lots of people here like free stuff so we blogged it up.

      1. All of that may be true. but it does not mean the company is not asking people to spam on their behalf. Free stuff or not – this is no different than a “bad” company spamming.

        If you dont like to see “win an xbox, share/mail this with/to 5 people” style posts on various feeds, then you should not really accept this either. (and i do believe most of the DP crowd are against spam)

        ofcourse you can post whatever you want on your own blog, but i am also free to state my opinion in the comments

  1. I don’t see this as spam either, and I’m glad to have read about this here, or else I wouldn’t have known about numato at all, and didn’t know about their new Spartan6 dev board with ddr memory which I ordered immediately. I also happily participated in their giveaway.

    I’ve been posting about some kickstarter projects on the forum and was also accused of spamming, while all I wanted to do was let people know about something interesting I found. These were all embedded projects and nothing that wouldn’t belong on this site. In the end though I simply stopped posting about them because I didn’t want to have to justify myself again and again.

    According to wikipedia: “Electronic spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages (spam), especially advertising, indiscriminately”.

    I don’t see how a single post among many others could be seen as “bulk messages”. Also, the giveaway is for something that the readers of this blog are actually interested in. If this were for an iPhone, X-Box or PS4, yes it might not fit the interest group but these FPGA boards will be interesting for the majority of readers.

    I would actually love to read more giveaways, contents etc. on this site. As long as they are tagged with giveaway people can easily filter them out so anyone who doesn’t want to read about them doesn’t have to.

  2. Agreed that this isn’t spam.
    I got a nifty USB relay board from Numato in their giveaway last year – and like Xykon, I wouldn’t have known about it unless DP had posted about it.
    I come here to read about things that are interesting to the electronics hacker – other peoples’ projects, new DP products, new products from other companies, and giveways like this of relevant stuff. It all adds to the value of this site for me. If this is spam, then every product announcement from every company is spam – and we’d probably never learn about that nifty new chip that company XYZ have just released.
    The iPhone type giveaways typically strike me as more like a scam than spam – but based on last year’s experience, this is totally on the level – Numato sent me a free gift, and haven’t bothered me since. Can’t ask for more than that!

  3. Turns out I won one of the Saturn – Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board with DDR SDRAM boards… once again thanks to dangerous prototypes for posting about it :)

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