TI EZ430 Chronos Black Friday sale


In recognition of the Black Friday shopping sales, we will be selling the Chronos for only $29.99 + free shipping on the TI eStore all week! There will only be a limited number available each day, but this deal will be live for 10 days! So if you try one of the coupon codes below and it isn’t working, remember to check back on the following morning.

Check TI’s estore to get 50% off on the eZ430-Chronos watch.

Varun via the contact form.

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  1. I bought one of these ages ago. Its a decent development platform assuming everything you want to do fits in with the watch hardware but there are some limitations. The biggest one would be that the LCD since it is the old school fixed function displays with discrete icons and no bitmap ability. In terms of aesthetics, it is pretty ugly even for a sports watch and is designed for people with large wrists. There is actually a nicer looking watch with a bitmapped graphical display but it is extremely expensive compared to this reasonably low cost Chronos. I did find the wireless bootloader is a bit unreliable and if the watch restarts for any reason at all then it’ll clear everything in RAM including the clock.

    I ended up programming it to be a custom medication timer which is attached to a little pouch for a family member since they need to take multiple tablets at several specific times each day. The off the shelf medication timers I found weren’t really very good in my opinion as most of them would only sound for a few seconds then go completely silent until the next day. Quite a few of them were quite limited in how you can schedule multiple days as well. As the medication schedule was fixed, I could program that into the watch itself and I made the watch periodically sound until it had been moved which would signify that somebody had opened it to take the medication.

  2. This price is very student friendly. If people find any other black friday/cyber monday deals it would be nice to share.

  3. just be careful on disassembling this thing. I cracked my LCD when I tried assembling/disassembling it for JTAG access.

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