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We are a great fan of Shenzhen and love the wandering round the vast partmarkets of Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen. Ian even decided to leave the cold and windy Netherlands and settle in the Shenzhen area. Two years ago we start our first steps in Huaqiangbei during our first geek tour of Shenzhen, but now we are veterans and know our way overthere with our eyes closed. For those not so familiar as us, our friends at Seeedstudio made a map of Shenzhen and Huaqiangbei. They promise to update it regularly and it is even free as a download. Also they sell a hardcopy which is a perfect gift to friends who are as geek as we!

Get your copy here.

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  1. Very useful. I plan on visiting Shenzhen sometime next year.

    The image seems to be a map of Seoul, Korea though.

    I just wish Ian would post more frequently about whatever it is he’s doing in Shenzhen.

  2. I would love to know more from Ian about settling in Shenzhen, I might never be able to do it, but I can dream can’t I…!

    I am a student almost done with my BE, so maybe some MS option in Shenzhen would be awesome…

    but generally, I wish if I would just knew more about settling there and what would need to be done.

    1. Hi friend, my name is arkin, I’ve been working in HuaQiangBei for many years and is familiar every corner in the market, If you come here and search for products, I’d be happy to offer any help you may need.
      Email: Tel: 15220289772

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