Mobile phone/Arduino Bluetooth interface

Kerimil has created another app for interfacing mobile phones and microcontrollers through Bluetooth. This time it’s a simple phone controlled RGB LED. The Arduino sketch/code can be found in his Arduino Forum post. The Android .apk file can be downloaded from Google docs, as well as a zip file containing the Android source.

Via the contact form.

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    1. Ohh god thx for posting it
      I couldn’t get it to crash but then I noticed that the sketch I pasted on arduino forum lacks one line in void setup >


      I must have selected the wrong window when copy pasting – it’s now fixed.
      Anyway just to make everything neater I upgraded the app to only send values when they change

  1. I guess this is regular bluetooth, I think 2.1 is the version, correct?
    This would be easy with bluetooth 4.0 ;)

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