The Laser-Wielding robot that roams landfills to sniff out methane gas


Researchers at Orebro University in Sweden have developed a mobile methane-sniffing machine, the Gasbot:

Cue the robots. Researchers at Orebro University in Sweden have developed a gas-sniffing, mobile robot that uses laser beams to find gaseous areas and an algorithm to map them. Researchers are calling the Gasbot “a big leap forward” for automating the gas monitoring process.

The Gasbot, which is funded by the robotics research institute Robotdalen, is equipped with two lasers, a GPS, and a remote sensor. The Remote Methane Leak Detector sensor doesn’t require direct interaction with the substance to measure it, like traditional sensors do. Instead, the laser beam can sniff out and localize leaks in its path.

Via Motherboard.

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  1. In many of our landfills they drive pipes in and bring it up to the surface, where the burn it to turn generators which link back into the main power grid.

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