Giveaway: Three prebuilt LEDger Led (polarity) tester


Mats has amazed us with his board a week projects, and now one of them could be yours!  Today Mats is giving away three prebuilt LEDger.  It’s a simple but useful LED tester:

He’ll give these away to 3 random commenters, just leave a comment on this post.

For more information visit the project’s Tindie site.

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      1. I see that now!
        I want one of those output shields you posted a while back!
        I haven’t seen anything else like it with the LEDs on te outputs.
        I want something for my girls to learn with.

  1. I was selected for a BB Prince board previously, but I didn’t see the email soon enough, and it was given to somebody else. Let’s try this again! I’ve got a bunch of old LEDs that came loose in my parts box. This would be great for quickly testing them and getting them organized again. :)

  2. Since I plan on scaling up my 20 0603 charlieplex to 110 LEDs, this would make it a _hell_ of a lot easier to set up the LEDs that having to meter every. single. one. And cheaper than hacking up a vacuum pen!

  3. I could really use one of these.. I’m always failing to remember which end/lead is which.. have had to redo more than one in my working history :).. Now retired, I could use the free one !!

  4. This is a really handy board for the experimenter, nice work! I would like to win one.

  5. That would be great to get one! Although I’ll admit if I don’t I’m going to be making one ;-)

  6. This’s truly a life saver for our production operators when they couldn’t figure out the type (CC/CA) and polarity of the LED.

  7. Yes another great idea, it would save trying to check it with your meter probes and ending up losing the LED half the time.

  8. Very handy indeed; I might have to pick one up once they’re in the Tindie store. Those BBB LEDs sound like a real bummer, Mats – but hopefully you’ll sort them out in no time with one of these!

  9. I have an Altoids tin full of misc scavenged LEDs. This would be a life saver. Sorting out single LEDs is simple enough, but the multi-leaded and/or multi-colored are a pain with just a DVM.

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