RoboRoach helps you control a living insect from your smartphone


The RoboRoach: Control a living insect from your smartphone! by Backyard Brains

This is one of the most incredible kickstarter campaign ever

Control the movements of a live cockroach from your own mobile device! This is the world’s first commercially available cyborg!

Via Open Electronics.

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  1. Where would you go to buy a cockroach?

    This is a bit sick because it could be used on other animals or even people and then we would have to call someone ‘Hitler’.

  2. one word: bastards…

    what is the differennce using a mammar? a cat for example?
    I don’t like cockroaches but it doesn’t mean i’m willing to control them with invasive techniques (or not invasive).

    I wish the creator of the campagin would suffer the same kind of control to experience if he likes or not.

    I think a better campaign would be controlling a human… and if the person refuses it no problem he can be controlled to agree.. he.

    Resistence is futile…

  3. Oh come on! I really think they shouldn’t do that to living things – they are saying roaches wont feel pain (anesthesia of some sort) but after playing with them they wont be able to go back to thier normal roach life.

    Ide say leave the roaches alone and try to find other things to do.

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