E-Paper clock in a Sick of Beige case


Kevin Rye built this E-Paper clock and wrote a detailed explanation on his blog describing the build:

I still have to put the finishing touches on the code. Instead of having the display constantly update, I’d like to set an alarm on the DS3231 RTC to go off once a minute, and only update the display on alarm. Hopefully I’ll save some battery power that way. As of now, the battery only lasts a couple of days.   I built in a USB battery charger to make it easier to charge it.   I got my PCBs in from OSHPark and put it all together in an 80mm x 80mm Sick of Beige case. Check it out!

Via the forum.

Sick of Beige project case is available at Seeed for $3.

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  1. really cool – like design a lot – and smart use of e-paper (we need more ideas like urs)

    I wish I could just buy from you

    We need a website that sells PROTOTYPES built with PI, Bone or Arduino – Could be a smart biz – a few people build things per demand for a fee – Anyone out there want to start? Ill do the Canadian side you do the US

  2. When I got into this racket, people were building clocks out of Nixie tubes and LEDs. Forty years later, the world is running out of Nixie tubes, but now we have e-paper!!!! The big difference is that now you can build a clock that will actually run on batteries.

    My question, though: if it’s using a rechargeable Li-Po battery, why the coin cell? And with the ultra-low power requirements of e-paper, can’t you just run it on a coin cell alone?

    BEAUTIFUL build.

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