Giveaway: NuFithole-kit and mini/micro USB breakouts

Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2013 in contest by DP


Mats has amazed us with his board a week projects, and now one of them could be yours!  Today Mats is giving away four kits of  Nu-Fithole  and  four USB breakouts, you can choose between a Mini- or Micro USB breakout.

He’ll give these away to 8 random commenters, just leave a comment on this post with your preference.

The first is for four “kits” of my new batch of Nu-Fithole boards. I ran out of the old batch so I ordered some more. I also made a XL version of it with holes ranging from 2.4 to 3.5 mm. So each of the four kits are with one Regular and one XL board.

Then I also made a big batch of the mini/micro USB breakouts.  I’ll give away four of these as well. The USB mini connectors are already soldered, but you’ll have to solder the pinheader (included) yourself. The boards for this giveaway only have one row of headers, not two as on the old board.

For more information visit the project’s Tindie site.


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68 Responses to “Giveaway: NuFithole-kit and mini/micro USB breakouts”

  1. tri says:

    Wow, great :D

  2. Andy says:

    Micro, thanks!!!!

  3. Zaid Pirwani says:

    1 Nu-Fithole board please… shaken, not stirred…

  4. RTGR says:


  5. ken says:

    microusb breakout please…still don’t know why they designed those damned connectors so that the pins are buried underneath to make it nearly impossible to hand solder :-P

  6. CVBruce says:


  7. Randoml comment for mini/micro USB breakout :P

  8. Nicholas D'Annunzio says:

    Nu-Fithole board for me, thank you!

  9. DK says:

    Micro USB please.

  10. Raoul Duke says:

    USB would be awesome, no matter if mini or micro. Would you ship those giveaways overseas anyway?
    Greetings from germany!

  11. Jonas says:


  12. Jeshua says:

    Mini please :D

  13. Panagiotis Efstratiou says:

    microusb breakout please

  14. Louis says:

    I would like one of the USB breakout boards

  15. george says:

    Woul love the Micro USB breakout

  16. Spiros M. says:

    Greetings from Greece.! Nicely done pcbs mate ;)

  17. Mats, very generous of you, and nice work! Mini for me, if I’m lucky enough to win the drawing.

  18. Lloyd Atkinson says:

    A mini would be great! Currently experimenting for the first time with USB and PIC’s.

  19. Travis Schwarzkopf says:

    Micro USB please!

  20. Tiago says:

    micro usb please. thank you!

  21. Antony T Curtis says:

    Either the mini or micro would be useful for me.

  22. Kawa says:

    1 Nu-Fithole board please

  23. Kevin says:

    Micro USB would be lovely, mini usb wouldn’t be too bad either.

  24. Sander Baten says:

    I would prefer the Nu-Fithole :)
    A nice solution for everyday problems ;)

  25. ROHIT SINGH says:

    Micro USB please!

  26. hasan yalçın says:

    mini please

  27. Nu-Fithole random access for me please!!

  28. TC says:

    microusb breakout please

  29. Andrew says:

    Although I appreciate the advantages of SMD, I’m always pleased to see experimenter devices with plug-in features.

  30. Danijel says:

    Wuhu! Mini preferably but any will be awesome :)

  31. buneme says:

    Lovin the board a week projects. I prefer either one ;D

  32. Colin says:

    I like it micro!

  33. hli says:

    Now its monday++ :)

  34. Type0 says:


  35. Mac Ha says:

    The micro, please

  36. Gregy says:

    micro breakout, thanks :)

  37. Chad Adams says:

    I’d love a micro-usb version. Those are awesome!

  38. Scott W says:

    A Nufithole would size me right. Please :>)

  39. Mike says:

    Mini usb breakout would be great!

  40. Trevor says:

    Nu-Fithole please.

  41. Dan says:

    Love how small this is! Can’t wait, I’d love to work with this!

  42. Vlad Conut says:

    I would love one :)

  43. FourthDr says:

    Mini-USB breakout Please :-)

  44. Glaisin says:

    Hi Mats! The Micro- breakout would be great for my modded, wirelessly controlled Telescope videocam! (Still have to connect it to a host to download the videos!) Thanks!

  45. mh says:

    I like them mini/micro-usb thinga-ma-jigs

  46. Benjamin Fiset-Deschenes says:

    Micro would be cool. Thanks.

  47. Dan ringer says:

    Micro usb!

  48. Mini USB breakout board, please!! Very useful in my work, and I’m thinking in a new project to use it


  49. SaakNeMah says:

    Mini USB ;)

  50. Crenn says:

    A mini USB breakout board would actually be quite handy for prototyping

  51. Cody says:


  52. Bob Alexander says:

    I’d like a USB breakout please.

  53. Eyeball_Kirkenbach says:

    micro usb please. P.l.e.a.s.e.

  54. Bruce Gentle says:

    These would be great. The number of times I have tried to use a micro usb socket without a breakout board and then dismissed it (hours later) as a bad joke

  55. Jay Wilkinson says:


  56. Robert P. says:

    Micro-USB breakout, pretty please with a solder fume extractor on top.

  57. pspgeek says:

    Mini USB

  58. Nakul says:

    a mini usb would be good for me

  59. Skappy says:

    Hi ,
    I Woul love the Micro USB breakout

  60. drsurfer says:

    I absolutely need to change my timezone :-(. Anyway I would love a MicroUSB breakout, too.

  61. hahihula says:

    Micro would be great.

  62. lindworm says:

    I’d prefer a micro, but will take anything ;)

  63. David says:

    Nice looking boards!

  64. Elia says:

    Count me in ;)

  65. mati says:

    if it’s not too late count me in as well.
    PS. I Prefere mini

  66. Alex says:


  67. werejag says:

    Micro USB breakout

  68. vyomax says:

    Very good ……

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