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    1. Agreed. A video and some screen snap would be nice.
      I’m using a MadelTech DP2006 at work, integrating a vision system (up and down). Works very well but a little bit slow with small parts. Could be interesting to use a TM220 along for Res and Caps.

  1. The pick and place machines we had at work years ago actually required quite a bit of mass under them (one larger one needed almost 20 kg) to help minimize sway even after we had them on super study tables… something to think about.

  2. Just take a couple of L-brackets and sink some screw anchors into the wall. Fasten the table to the wall using wing-nuts to the L-brackets, so you can remove them easily and move the table. This will add the needed stability to your table. This will even work with dry wall if you provide enough anchors.

  3. hello,everybody here
    we are the original manufacturer of TM240A,if need any help about operation or any question about our machine,pls feel free to contact
    Thanks and best regards
    Haimi –Neoden

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