TM220A pick and place first test


Managed to get the language to English by setting the language configuration to ‘0’, then loading a pick and place instruction file. After loading a file everything is magically English. Settings won’t save without a special warranty voiding password from the manufacturer though.

Exported placement data from a DP LED matrix badge to test it out. Only a reel of 0603 10K resistors is loaded, and the badge needs 0805 LEDs, but resistors are cheaper to waste. Applied solder droplets to three columns of LEDs and fired up the placement.

Even with the wrong size part it did a pretty good job when running full speed. The ‘step through’ mode is pretty abysmal though, most of the parts flew away, probably because they’re the wrong size and the table is shaking like crazy. Given that they are the wrong parts and size for the footprint, and only the bare minimum part data has been programed, it did pretty well.

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    1. That was using the “step” button to step through the part loading, positioning, and placement. It is much sloppier than just letting it run full speed.

  1. I remember reading somewhere that in step mode the vacuum did not have the same holding power as in full speed mode. Is that what your seeing?

  2. I ****can’t*** wait for the videos, and how-too’s form this. I’m so glad you bought this. I’m thinking about getting on as well. I’m really interested it how well it’s going to work, and what you learn – so please share all you can! Thanks for the great blog!

  3. Why are you “wasting” resistors during test? I presume the device peels back the tape cover film before picking? If so just harvest the resistors back from the board after a test and put them back in the tape receptacles (obviously without the cover film) and reload the tape, but not on a reel, just a straight feed. Gravity will hold the resistors (or other components) in the tape as long as you feed the tape with a straight path.

      1. 6K? I thought that 0603 reels was 5K pcs and 0402 was 10K.

        Can you get a full reel 0603’s at Seg market for about 15 Yuan? Then I’ll pick up a dozen or so of common values at my next trip there – but being too old for 0603’s I have to go for, and pay more for, 0805’s ^_^

      2. I’ve seen 4 5 and 6 K reels of 0603. Last time reels of 5% were about 2 us. I heard someone say they got 1% at same price but I don’t know the supplier. These are actually a reel of 4000 that cost 6usd on eBay.

      3. @Matseng, I appreciate your comment. But please keep in-mind, many-many of us do not live in countries where reels of surface mount components are readily available (like me). Shipping tax and duty costs must be incurred in order to get prototype stock; very costly. So being frugal is the name of the game. In any case, waste-not – want not is always wise, wherever you are…

      4. Well, I live in Malaysia and I can either get a reel from E14/Farnell for about $30, or get them from eBay for $10 or Taobao for less (but then I’ll have to pay agent fees and shipping)…

        But still, if you can afford a $4000 machine you probably really don’t care about spending $10 for a reel of resistors for testing.

        That said I would personally not throw away the resistors after running them thru the machine (at least if they weren’t messed up with solder paste) but I’d put them in a small box for hand placement and hand soldering.

        Putting them back in the tape and trying to cover them up with new plastic so they won’t fall out again would seems next to impossibly tedious.

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