8 digit 7 segment display with SPI interface

Posted on Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 in Arduino, LEDs by DP


Raj designed this 8 digit 7 segment display with an SPI interface using a MAX7219 display driver:

The SPI7SEGDISP8.56 module can be interfaced with any microcontroller that has 3 I/O pins available. If the microcontroller features a built-in hardware SPI, then the display module can be interfaced as a SPI slave device. In that case the SPI signal lines SDO (serial data out), SCLK (serial clock), and SS (slave select) from the microcontroller can be directly connected to the DIN, CLK, and LOAD pins of MAX7219. The LOAD signal is active low.

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10 Responses to “8 digit 7 segment display with SPI interface”

  1. Anon says:

    OK, not knocking what he did here. It’s cool. But why not just buy something that’s already put together that uses the same driver and costs much less?

  2. Alfredo says:

    I am working on a basic display circuit, similar to this one. Glad I bumped into this and found out about that display module sold by dx…but it’s been out of stock for so long! I can’t find ANYTHING like that for that price. Sparkfun sells it for 3-4 times the price…I don’t get it.

    I really don’t want to design from scratch (reinvent the wheel) or spend any more than I need to. That display board from dx was the ticket: it came with onboard chip (controller?) and a total of 8 digits. The PCB had mounting holes and hardware…all for just $4 bucks.

    Anybody know where I can find this?

  3. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Here’s another That was all of 20 seconds worth of looking to find these, so look around yourself and find one that works for you. I’m told that DX are crazy slow on delivery, so keep that in mind.

  4. Alfredo says:

    Wow, you took 20 seconds to find all this?! As soon as I posted that, I found that same display you posted in about …5? ha ha

    Thanks for the response, my man! Appreciate it. Already had a live chat with DX website and placed my order.

  5. Sleepwalker3 says:

    lol, no probs. Let us know how long it takes to get to you (and where you’re from), will be interesting to see, as I’m told they can take ages.

  6. Alfredo says:

    (yaaawwwnnn….) Just woke up from a long nap of WAITING. Sleepwalker guy was right about the customer service at DX website. I just picked up my delivery today…AFTER A MONTH!

    I was hoping for something a lot bigger. I remember looking at the specs before purchasing, but this is a total surprise to hold it in the palm of my hand. It’s about 3″ long. Needed something twice as big. Grand total $4.53 and 30 days of twiddling my thumbs. Now let’s see if it turns on…

  7. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Yes, that’s why I was looking at adapting the ‘tall’ sparkfun unit. Since then Sparkfun have bought out the ‘tall’ module in a serial unit – I think this is the one, but I might be wrong.

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