Loki – a new PSoC based development board

Nickjohnson posted his Loki PSoC based development board in the project log forum:

Loki is an arduino-esque development board I’ve been working on based on Cypress’s underappreciated PSoC series of chips. The PSoCs are novel in that instead of predefined peripherals, each chip has a set of programmable digital logic blocks, as well as analog blocks, that you can configure to do just about anything at runtime – PWMs, counters and timers, serial interfaces, and so forth. The IDE comes with a large set of predefined functions, and you can build your own, too. The PSoC 3 series are based on the 8051 core, while the PSoC 5s are Arm Cortex 3s. Even better, all devices with the same pinout are compatible, so the one Loki board can host any chip in the range.

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  1. it looks like after moving the power input to the right side of the board he forgot to take the power management bits along for the ride.

    also, can we get a picture of the bottom so we can see the io interface?

    1. There’s definitely no room on the right for the switching regulator! Layout could probably be optimized a bit, but I don’t think there’s anywhere else to put the power management stuff.

      The Eagle files are posted on Github (linked from the forum post) if you want to take a look in more detail. :)

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