ATX Breakout Board v1.1 Sick of Beige case is available at Seeed

ATX Breakout Board v1.1 Sick of Beige case is available for $4 at Seeed Studio. This case is designed to be simple, cheap, and easy to assemble. The ATX Breakout Board isĀ  sandwiched between two laser-cut acrylic sheets, and the whole assembly is held together with aluminum screws and standoffs.

Check out our tutorial on how to customize Sick of Beige cases.

Get ATX Breakout Board v1.1 acrylic case v1 for $4.

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  1. Hmm… a 9 watt resistor generates a lot of heat (if it actually is dissipating 9 watts of course). Will the heat be enough to warp the 0.1″ thick acrylic when having the unit flat on the table?

    1. ok I tested it out by leaving the PS turned on for 5h, and having a peice of acrilic sit on top of the resistor..(don’t have the case yet so had to test with a peice of same width acrylic). after 5h there was no noticeable warping, and the acrylic didn’t get hot.

      we will add a cuttout in the area of the resistor for a fututre version, and add a wrning on the sales page, to let users know this case is intended for now resistor PSUs….

  2. It’s a 10ohm resistor on the 5V line, so it’s dissipating 2.5Ws (which is still a lot) It could probabply warp the plastic, if applied. But most PSUs don’t need the load resistor… We’ll have to test this and let you know.. the acrylic is quite thick at 2.55mm..

    testing now…

  3. Great point. See need to add a nite to the page. We conceived it for breakouts w/o a resistor like we do it.

    Maybe an additional cut is in order.

    1. I can see an tower of banana plugs on that single gnd..
      I thought I saw an atx breakout earlier with gnd connectors for each output?

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