GLOBAL GEEK TOUR: SP road market in Bangalore, India

First stop on the Bangalore tour is SP Road!  Follow the pics live with our twitter feed, or wait for them to pop up on the blog.

More pics below the fold.

SP road market in Bangalore

Jaaga Hackerspace, an amazing space made from repurposed pallet racking

Outside of Jaaga Hackerspace

Shops along SP road

Arduino Uno available in SP road Bangalore

Seeeduino spotted at SP road

Seeeduino lessons given here on SP road

smd reel

High frequency transistor

Hitting another SMD shop on SP road

Interesting military alpha numeric display with a lens

Displays in SP road shop

Everyone is buying parts in SP road market

Sayan checks out parts

Arup buys some LEDs

Parts samples under glass counter at SP road. We’re grabbing flux cause we’re suckers for flux

Getting into the hardware and mechanical goods on SP road

Sunny SP road

There’s a cow in SP road market

A bus (full of pirates)!

The ‘bus pirate’ arrives at Tenet Techtronics (a lovely office in a suburb of Bangalore)

Warning food pictures on the way. Lunch after Tenet Techtronics visit

Bangalore lunch break!

Appetizer of Chinese indian food. Fried baby corns

Arup shows off his meal selection prowess

Warning more food pics

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  1. @openmakersdaily because the manufacturers mark denotes it as a military part manufactured probably in Bangalore itself. Very interesting ceramic and gold package. The other end is threaded like a screw.

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