Open source Bluetooth module firmware

Paul Sokolovsky developed a proof-of-concept open source firmware for common Bluetooth modules based on the CSR BlueCore4 cheapset.

“BlueCore4-Ext is a popular Bluetooth chip used in many Bluetooth modules, some priced below $10. The idea is to create Wireless Sensor/Control Network using these modules, as Bluetooth is really ubiquitous technology nowadays, so any smartphone can be used to provide user UI/control for such network.”

Read more on this project and find code links on Paul’s blog.

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    1. DealExtreme has some listed for $6.6, $5.58 for 5+ and 5.48 for 10+. Just search for ‘bluetooth module’. I got five about a month ago and am now working on making a programmer for them out of a chipKIT Uno32.

      1. They are currently out of them because the page is unavailable but they have the more expensive versions.

  1. Nice idea, but it’s not really ‘firmware’ – it’s a VM application, such as customers are supposed to write.

  2. Interesting post because I’ve just looked at this firmware over the past week or so. Not that I know enough to know what to do with this, but the idea is great. I have a couple of HC05’s and HC06’s and wanted a consistent firmware (not the linvor one which seems to me to be less flexible). I saw this post that started my exploration – all quite interesting on such a little device

  3. Very cool. I’ve used a few of these in the past but I’ve never done anything more than change the device name and password. Only problem is I can’t think of a reason to hack them.

      1. Did anyone succeed in using one of the modules as a BT operated embedded board without any other micro controller ? Would relay be interested.

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