Sick of Beige v1 DP5031 case available at Seeed

A clear laser-cut acrylic project case kit that fits Sick of Beige DP5031 PCBs (50mmx31mm) is now available at Seeed for $3. We’re adding case sizes as you ask for them, so if you’d like a specific one please give us a shout.

Protect your project from electrical shorts and fingers, but keep it accessible for hacking and showing off.

Sick of Beige basic case v1 is designed to be simple, cheap, and easy to assemble. The project PCB is sandwiched between two laser cut acrylic sheets, and the whole assembly is held together with aluminum screws and standoffs.

It’s easy to get your project to fit the case. Drop a PCB footprint on your Eagle schematic, and then route your project on the board template. KiCAD footprints coming soon!

Sick of Beige v1 DP5031 project case is available at Seeed for $3.

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  1. Hey Ian, can you get Seeed to stock the screw/distances set as well so we can make customized cutout SOBs and still get a “DP” look&feel of it?

    Or is it possible to puchase 5 pcs of the standard SOB and then pay Seed the regular $7.50 laser cutting fee to customize them?

    1. I will check on the hex standoff set. This is something I hope to put together personally in China shortly, along with a DP parts kit.

      I imagine it is way easier for them to put your order in a bulk cut job than customize an existing slab, but my experience laser cutting includes seeing Seeed’s machine and… :)

  2. I would like to see a DP5050 case please, I use this size for most of my PCBs as it fits the lowest band of PCB size at both ITead and Seeed.

  3. Doesn’t this pose a static risk for electronics?

    Acrylic is one of the materials used in demonstrating generation of static electricity.
    Is this specially treated in some way to prevent static buildup?
    Does it just rely on nobody ever touching the case and the electronics at the same time.


    1. You’re right, it is a weakness in the concept. It is a very common case type though, used by 1000s of hobbyists and even by big dev board makers. Problem don’t seem to be widespread, but I will keep an eye out for higher failure rates in cased projects.

  4. It’s not treated in any way. The case does enclose the electronics on the inside of it, so touching them would be rather difficult. The only problem I see is if someone touches exposed pins in the headers

  5. Cool – Thank you very much! SoB is a fantastic initiative – one could wonder why nobody came up with this idea several decades earlier!?


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