Global Geek Shenzhen: Custom USB flash drives

Shenzhen is well known for locally produced and customized technology. From custom cell phones to personalized push buttons, you can find it in Hua Qiang Bei.

Sjaak found a building that consists entirely of USB flash disk sellers. There’s a huge selection of colorful silicone housing. Just pick one and the dealer pops a 4 or 8 gig flash drive inside.

Here’s just a sampling of the case options from one vendor. Too many designs to choose from! Most shops had over a hundred designs. When you buy one, the seller ‘assembles’ your disk on the spot.┬áThe price was 40 RMB ($7) for 8 gig. We actually checked the disk and it was indeed 8 gig.

No androids were harmed during the making of this blog post!

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    1. Most of the people behind the counters live there. They eat, sleep, watch movies, etc behind it. When there is a customer (with a big camera) they pop up :) Sometimes this will result in pictures like this.

      Most people are very nice when you talk to them.

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