Interfacing Arduino with an HP LED display from the ’70s

John demonstrates how to interface a vintage LED display with the Arduino. The display in question is a HP 5082-745 model, found in calculators, and other products from this manufacturer in the ’70s.

Using the display is very easy – kudos to the engineers at HP for making a simple design that could be reusable in many applications. The 5082-7415 is a common-cathode unit and wiring is very simple – there are the usual eight anodes for segments a~f and the decimal point, and the five cathodes.

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  1. Ahhh… the memories, I used hundreds of these making custom Motion Control Systems for the movies in the 70’s and 80’s. The birth of a new age….

  2. This display reminds me of a calculator my Dad had when I was growing up. I think it was the HP-65. He said it was pretty expensive… I wonder if that thing is still at my parents house, I would love to have it, now.

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