ATMega88 based LCFesR meter

Ben Eishen sent in this link. He says, “I have been thinking about building an ESR meter, and this one looks like a winner.” The design is based on the ATMega88 and according to the designer, Dr. Le Hung, “The LCFesR 4.0 unit is a precise, wide range meter that can measure inductivity, capacity, frequency and equivalent series resistance of a capacitor in-circuit, which can be easily built with homemade one- or double-faced PCB and available electronic components.” The video above shows the LCFesR measuring component values as compared to values determined by a commercial unit.

The schematic and documentation can be found on Dr. Le Hung’s website.

Via the contact form.

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  1. I am from malaysia, I want to know.Where can i buy LCFesR 4.0 if you know. please let me know.I want buy it on internet { online }.

    Thank you for your information. Hope too hear it from you.

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