DorkbotPDX is organizing an SMD soldering workshop

DorkbotPDX, a hackerspace in Portland, is organizing an SMD soldering workshop on the 29th of January. No tools or prior experience is necessary. For $8 you’ll get a kit to assemble in their shop.

Learn how to work with surface mount technologies. This workshop is suitable for newcomers to SMT as well as more experienced hobbyists who are looking for a reliable method for building projects using SMT. We will cover the basics of surface mount parts and the tools necessary to work efficiently with them, including a temperature controlled hot plate reflow system which you can build. And we will offer a hands on build session where you will go through all the steps in populating a PCB with parts and doing the reflow soldering process to end up with a working project.

The address is ADX, 417 SE 11th Avenue, Portland, OR. If anyone is interested sign up on their site, as the class is limited to 12 people.

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