Microchip TQFP-100 breakout board tested

We recently received our Microchip TQFP-100 breakout boards. We tested them with PIC24F and dsPIC33 chips and a “Blink LED” demo firmware. Both chips worked fine.

These boards are intended to be breakouts for all Microchip devices that come in TQFP-100 packages (0.4mm pitch, designation PT). These include the PIC24, dsPIC33, and PIC32 families of microcontrollers. This is only a prototype and some revisions are already under way:

  • PGC and PGD pins will be moved so the ICSP header would work with all supported devices.
  • The main oscillator crystal will be changed for a more common crystal.
  • The power supply IC will be changed to a more powerful IC.
  • Pins connected to the secondary oscillator, and the LEDs will be broken out as well.

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    1. There is a V2 board on the way, it should be available shortly. It has the revisions mentioned above. There will be no more V1s made.

  1. Hello there….I am currently trying tp put some bits and pieces together for a motor control unit and would like to prototype it before I layout a board…are you selling the item?

  2. Do all TQFP-100 cips require caps and resistors in the same places (if not the same values) meaning do they all have at least a set of pins that require cap/resistors on equivalent pins? I am asking this because I have a memory chip that would fit on a board like this, and I have noticed some of the existing boards have accomodations for caps and resistors already in the design. Do both chips you tested have the same requirements for caps and resistors? I am trying to get a project working for school, and maybe more, so if you can tell me, that would be much appreciated. Thanks, and enjoyed what I learned on the site.

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