ITead mystery PCB: TFT digital picture frame by Erick Aubin

Arhi received a mystery PCB with his last ITead PCB order:

TFT digital picture frame with in built Real-Time clock and thermometer
Designed by: Erick Aubin

I assume B1 is a big capacitor, something like 22000uF or similar (judging from the size), USB-BUB is some ft232 or similar usb 2 uart board, x1 is some 8 or 16 MHz xtal and X2 is 32768 kHz, U1 is probably some ATMEGA as J1 looks like AVR ICSP connector and Z1 is some 7805 or something … now, what mega should be there, what firmware, what kind of tft lcd … no idea … if you know a homepage for this project – share :D

If you recognize it, give us a shout in the comments, the forum, or the contact form.

Via the forum.

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    1. Yeah, ‘B’ is fairly common to refer to Battery voltage, e.g., B+ and B- for the power rails, so it should not be surprising as a component designation.

    2. Yes the footprint fits both 2xAA(A) or 1x9V battery holder ..
      USB-BUB is some “standard” FT232R board (~$14), Z1 is some 780x in TO220 (not smd) package (tab is too far away) so the tab is GND not output

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