Christmas 2011 geek gifts. What did you get?

Posted on Monday, December 26th, 2011 in Holiday by Ian

What geek gifts did you get?

We liked these gloves that work on capacitive touch screens like iPods, phones, etc. Silver threads in the fabric stimulate the screen. Now we don’t have to take off our gloves to reply in the forum.

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13 Responses to “Christmas 2011 geek gifts. What did you get?”

  1. blodgar says:

    On the 4th Day of Xmas, my true love gave to me:
    4 issues of MAKE magazine,
    3 Cool biking jerseys,
    2 Flannel shirts,
    …and a Aoyue 937+ Digital Soldering Station!!

  2. lasha says:

    On the 4th Day of Xmas, my true love gave to me:
    4 issues of MAKE magazine,
    3 Cool biking jerseys,
    2 Flannel shirts,
    …and a Aoyue 937+ Digital Soldering Station!! YESS

  3. Gridstop says:

    One of the legendary Tektronix 1Ghz 7104 scopes, with two 1Ghz 50ohm vertical modules and two different 200ps/div horizontal timebase units! In pretty good condition too. Screen is really sharp & bright.

    Also got a 0-2Mhz signal generator, and a nice dual lab power supply (30v, 3A per channel), but it needs some repairs.

  4. Alex Ferro says:

    From Dad:
    Aoyue 850A++ hot air
    a vacuum desoldering station (backordered)

    From Mom:
    a flatscreen to replace my old crt

  5. Christian St. Cyr says:

    My nerdier gifts were:
    Thermaltake Dr. Power II PSU Tester
    Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics [Blu-ray]
    Cocoon CPG5BK GRID-IT Organizer

    I was telling my girlfriend some of the test patterns on the HD calibration Blu-ray and she said: “That sounds super boring. It must be great!”

  6. rsdio says:

    Will the silver in those Agloves scratch the glass?

  7. Torwag says:

    Its already hard to hit the tiny buttons of the soft-keyboard with my (o.k. little bigger then usual) fingers. Wonder how this should work with gloves.
    Guess its more for sliding pages up and down rather then typing.

    • blodgar says:

      My co-worker and i would joke that we had “Hands like Feet” Many the slice of skin and flesh was taken off by unfinished sharp metal surfaces inside computers and other devices….but I can still crack walnuts with them babies! V’y useful around the holidays.

  8. DrF says:

    A USB microscope :)

  9. dext3r says:

    Got a Hakko FX951 soldering station. So nice!

  10. the machinegeek says:

    I got a Ma-Com Opensky Base Station controller transceiver Model BS-90 with power supply and a (mobile) control head Model CH-103 from Santa via Ebay It was surplus and I hope to use it to hack the unencrypted Opensky digital radio protocol.

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