Using pogo-pins for hardware testing

Here’s how Spark Fun uses pogo-pins to quickly test their products. Pogo pins are spring loaded pins that make quick connections to PCB test points.

Test beds are made from a PCB that has pogo-pins aligned with with contacts on the device to test. Sometimes SparkFun includes a microcontroller on the test bed to interface with the tested device.

You can check out the video below.

Via the forum.

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  1. I just build some programming test jigs at work using pogo pins from IDI. It included a 4 pcb stackup, 1 to align the test pcb, the next to hold the test pcb, another to hold the smaller pogo pins for a 50mil header and a bottom board with the large pogo pins and other miscellaneous connections. One not though that if you are doing a large board with lots of pins that the spring force is additive ;)

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