Sjaak’s shop-a-holic trip to Akihabara Electric Town

Sjaak stayed a little bit longer in Tokyo and had more time to score some nice parts. As we already said the big plus of shopping in Akihabara is you can actually touch the stuff, but it also has a major downside – you buy too much stuff…

Please continue reading about our shop-a-holic trip to Akihabara.

The first shop we visited is Sengoku . It’s specialized in boxes and project cases. On the photo in the back there are two rugged plastic boxes from Takachi, measuring (outside WxHxD) 69×19.5x115mm and 69x28x115mm. The boxes come in either white or black, and the sillicone cover in red, yellow, green, blue, dark grey and light grey. Takachi produces several thousand different boxes, and provides a big pdf with their products. The other stuff is no-clean flux and some ATX PSU connectors.

Aitendo has the usual stuff, but also a large collection of displays (LED, TFT, OLED), connectors, and breakout boards. Sjaak has a display fetish so he was in heaven here. In the back there are large 16-segmented LED displays, which were really a bargain at $0.50  a piece. The three LCDs were a bargain too for just $1,  but unfortunately they didn’t come with a datasheet or Googlable partnumber (81027C). If anyone has more info about these please write a comment.

In the front left there is a small 64×48 SSD1305 based OLED, and on the right there is a complete breakout for a 96(RGB)x64 full 65K RGB SSD1332 based OLED. The OLED needs a DC/DC convertor flexpcb (ALO-095BSLN-J9) for the required OLED voltage, unfortunately that datasheet wasn’t Googleable either.

To the left are some small solar panels generating a few mA at 3.3volts. They don’t have solderable connections, but we have some conductive rubber somewhere. The parts in the middle were a lucky find. They looks like they were regular rounded headerpins, but they appeared to be small pogopin spring-loaded test pins! On the right there are some small SMD pots. The receipt doesn’t tell, but the shop is called Suzusho Electronic parts.

Another visit brought us to Akizukidenshi. This is a general shop with lots of different parts. Here we found some cute 2.4×2.4mm red/green dot matrix displays (top), a bunch of RGB-leds (left), and a small SMD protoboard. We didn’t examine the protoboard closely as it appears to be .85 mm pitched instead of 1.27 mm, thus a bit useless for SOIC.

Also some other stuff, not taken from from the shops above. Two little li-ion batteries rated 350mAh, and an iConnector. Both probably picked up somewhere on the streets or in some amazing maze.

In general we noticed everything is packaged so well up. For example in the Aitendo shop there were two girls constantly packaging parts into small plastic bag and labeling them. In the Suzusho shop everything was packed up so tightly together with a small label into the smallest possible bag and then heat-sealed. The Akizukidenshi shop put nice datasheets in most of their zipbags.

It was a great experience going to Akihabara! What would you buy?

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    1. actually I mend those tiny lcds on the back. With a little sticker that say 100 Y .

      But thanks for the link. I guess i’m a sucker for displays :)

    1. thanks man. I didn;t had the time to check the store for datasheet.

      The oled is indeed the same, except the pcb is darkblue/black.

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