Retro gaming on Akihabara Electric Town tour

In an ode to Sjaak’s experience hacking retro games, Tayken took us on a wild tour of Super Potato. This store is 4+ floors of retro consoles, games, and more. Just about every system and game imaginable is behind these doors. More photos below the fold.

We started at the top. To get there, the four of us crammed into the tiniest elevator we’ve ever seen. It was too small to fit us all in the picture.

Top floor (4th) of Super Potato is a room full of retro arcade games.

The lower 2 or 3 floors were divided into eras. The 3rd floor had the oldest systems and video games.

Lots of retro demos to play and remember the 8bit games of the past.

An amazing used game selection for every system you’ve never heard of. Ian found his favorite on 3.5inch floppy disks.

This is outside Super Potato, but a cool shop too. They sell main boards and games for arcade game restoration. Prices for games were really reasonable, from $5USD. Replacement arcade mainboards started at $20.

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