Soldering iron driver parts: Weller PES51 pencil

Posted on Friday, November 25th, 2011 in tools by DP

Lots of progress is being made on the soldering iron driver. We’ll be testing our version with the Weller PES51 50W soldering pencil.

We like the placement of the temperature sensor on this iron. It’s is located in the center of the iron and fits into a recess at the back of the tip. This setup gives a more accurate reading of the actual tip temperature than many cheaper soldering pencils.

The temperature sensor is a k-type thermocouple, which the soldering iron driver board supports.  The driver is designed to offer a lot more options then the original Weller WES51 station, at a fraction of the cost.

Weller ET type tips are used with PES51 pencils, there are 21 tips to chose from. If that isn’t enough, there is an ET-to-LT adapter which makes this pencil work with another 26 LT type tips.

Right now the pencil is somewhere in a mailbag making its way to us.  We’ll provide a more comprehensive review once it arrives.

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